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Full Virgo Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 18th September

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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Virgos have the opportunity today to put an end to negative weeks in the relationship and to renew the energy circle towards something positive. Reinforcing the communicative and affective element is presented as an imperative need.

Without that affectivity, it will be very difficult to redirect the situation. That is why it's convenient to leave pride and resentment aside, those negative feelings that are preventing you from breaking the barrier that separates you from your partner. From there, from love, understanding, forgiveness, you can start building.

To move forward in that sense it will also be important that you don't try to move back to the past. Quite the contrary, what we have learned so far, also from mistakes, are essential lessons to move forward steadily with the renewed spirit.


Little by little your feelings in the workplace are improving and you abandon that phase of recession in which you felt stuck and things were not going well. Your state of mind will be essential to start flying, although it will be a slow and gradual process.

For now, a quite favorable situation opens up when signing contracts, establishing partnerships, launching projects, looking for a job... It's an ideal period to abandon the passivity and get going.

The most important thing in this regard is to abandon fear and reinforce self-confidence. Only if you trust in your possibilities will you be able to break the siege of negativity in order to move towards a favorable professional situation.


All the positive elements that you concentrate around you converge in your muscular and motor system, so today you will feel especially agile and strong to practice exercise. Of course, this will be good for you to face the challenges of today.

It's essential that during the day you learn to ration that energy, and in some moments you take the opportunity to rest and relax the body. It can be a very long day.

In addition to using that physical strength for your tasks and work, you can do physical exercise. Also in that sense, it is a priority that you do it to feel good, not to over-force the organism.

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