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Today the stars foresee for the natives of Virgo a complicated day as far as personal relationships are concerned. You're in an especially critical moment in which you should withdraw in your inner world, take advantage to get to know yourself better and do some introspection. 

Personal relationships lead you to strong arguments, as far as your friends, your family and even your partner is concerned. Maybe today isn't the best day to face certain conversations.

You will find in yourself the key to answer a lot of your questions that you have. When you feel more relaxed and prosperous by this introspection; you'll be able to go back to social life with full guarantee.


To recover your self-confidence, you must return to these old projects with maximum enthusiasm. The stars are in an ideal position that opens a very favorable period for the Virgos to develop their ideas, with a result that is more than successful. But you need to recover some self-esteem.

You have a lot of skills. You must make an effort to lower your critical demand and give yourself a bit of respite. Trust more in your possibilities and focus your energy on productive work.

For Virgos who are saturated and on the verge of the anxiety crisis due to work stress, today will be a perfect day to leave the city and go somewhere with fresh air. A little switching off won't hurt you.


Those Virgos who have interrupted carelessly or voluntarily a treatment prescribed by the doctor will realize the importance of following a therapy until the indicated day. The pains will return and they will have to start from scratch.

On the other hand, it will be a day of psychological and physical instability for the Virgo who are spending most of the time with medications. Remember that chemical medicines can have aggressive side effects for the body, and that you should be very careful with self-medication.

Beyond this, the stars don't foresee great ailments, because the Virgos are in a placid period with respect to health. It's time to conserve, to continue taking care of yourself.