Virgo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 23rd August

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The energetic flows that your regent emanates for today will be very useful in order to consolidate your amorous relationship. It will be a very favorable day, for example, for those Virgo who are starting a project in common with someone, or who have recently met someone.

The stars send you many good vibrations to consolidate that relationship that is unstable. Take advantage of it to calm the situation, reinforce communication and offer a more generous and calm version.

Difficult weeks are coming. In general, the second semester of the year is expected complicated and turbulent in terms of love. But the more solid the foundations of the house the more difficult it is to tear them down. Focus on the consolidation process and give the best of yourself.


Your working routine is interrupted today by the arrival of an influential person who wants to include you in their economic plans. They may offer to start a project, or to join them. Your head will spin and the day will be marked by doubts and thoughts about that offer.

Remember, dear Virgo, that starting an economic project now will require not only an initial investment that was beyond your calculations, but also an extra energy that you may not have now.

Only you have the last word, Virgo, but maybe it isn't the best time to atart a project of that magnitude. If you finally decide, there's no doubt that it will be an ideal opportunity to break the monotony and recharge your energies.


For a good part of the day you will feel that you are swollen like a balloon. The sensation can end up becoming a real nuisance that prevents the normal development of your activities.

It's a severe problem of gas that you can only solve with a strict diet based on vegetables and light meals. A light diet, special infusions for this problem and proper hydration will help you to overcome the problem.

On the other hand, today is a day to resume physical exercise.