Full Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 24th August
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Days like today you feel that your whole world is enclosed in your spiritual inner voice and that rationality loses all meaning. Today your more ethereal personality will surface and it is better that you follow it. Trying to go against won't be useful at all.

Your planet rules in relation to its position with the moon, it obscures the strength of your thoughts and your intellect, and illuminates your soul in a very special way.

In addition to your emotions, your intuition will be maximized, and if you want to be successful in your social life and in your love relationships you need to follow your most pure instincts, your hunches and your desires.

In addition, female Virgos will feel how their sensuality is maximized. It's a day to feel beautiful and seductive, and devote yourself to pampering your most flirtatious side.


The change of the lunar cycle with respect to your regent means that there is a change in your economic cycle that, in this case, benefits you. The new projects that you decide to undertake will be successful, although they will require all your strength and a fighting mentality.

You face the end of the month immersed in a positive economic cycle that will help you reactivate your productive economy and your financial expansion. It's necessary to change your mentality, Virgo: Leave behind the conservative tendency aimed at maintaining the budget balance, and start thinking big.

For the unemployed Virgos things will start to improve, although you have to have some patience. No work appears overnight, but a process that will culminate in job stability.


At times when darkness threatens to turn your world into a valley of shadows, it's important to be receptive to those people who can bring us positive energy.

Today, around you, there is a person who can offer you a positive change to face the end of the month with a lot of positivity. Your energy cycle can take a turn today, thanks to a person who can take you to the light.

Let yourself be enlightened by that person, who has been assigned a renewing and guiding role for your spirit. Go hand in hand with that person towards personal improvement and overcoming obstacles to achieve success in your social, loving and work life will help you more than ever.