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Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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The challenge for Virgos is seeing in dark things the light that the others can't see. It seems difficult, nearly impossible, but today the stars award you pain to bring light where there only are shadows.

For that, you need something essential: wake your emotional side. The intelligence and rigidity of your thoughts don't help to lighten up the darkness, and when you have sentimental problems or emotional obstacles you're able to face them.

You need to rely on your emotions and make an effort so your sentimental side makes and appearance. You'll get it if you're able to develop another treasure that you possess and that you're unable to dig up from the deepest part of your soul: vital optimism. If you make an effort to get through these challenges, today will be a productive and happy day.


Yesterday it was a day full of reflections for Virgos, to situate themselves in their situation regarding values and money. Today there will be a situation that requires you to put into practice what you learned yesterday.

Someone is going to put in front of your nose a dangerous situation to draw, which basically offers you the possibility of earning enough money at the cost of sacrificing some of your elementary principles.

It's obvious that if you keep intact your morals and your principles, which is part of your intrinsic personality, you have to look the other way and continue with your life. But the temptation is there, Virgo, and it's hard to get around it. The stars warn you of the danger of making a decision that could make you feel bad in the long run.


Today the day of the Virgos can be spent, at least during a good part of the day, between bicarbonates, chamomile and probiotics. The stomach of the Virgos is now a jumble of nerves and consequences of the excesses of the weekend that will end in good security with more than an emergency trip to the bathroom.

Patience and lots of water, Virgo. Reduce the risks by fasting for a good part of the day and by following a strict diet with light meals. Keep the body well hydrated.

And forget about those nerves! Not everything ends at work, Virgo, and your health comes first.