Virgo Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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The day will go by with a great emotional instability, with moments when you will feel very happy and willing to conquer the world, and moments when you will feel low and will lead you to depression. This bipolarity won't make you any good in the personal relationships, so it's a priority that you try to find the balance.

With some friends you'll have a special connection, but be careful, because the bad mood and the pessimism can make you see the dark side of people close to you. And that isn't good.

Try to be fair with people and try that your relationship with the rest doesn't depend on the specific mood you have in a specific moment. Be more objective...


Your good evolution at work is giving you a very special energy that turns into confidence and strength to continue improving and evolving.

Today, that confidence is in yourself and the lessons learnt lately make you a very influential person that can help the rest to evolve. Even though sometimes you block those kind of sensations, you should also assume that role and open up to the rest, provide them with your knowledge. 

You may not have what it takes to be a leader, but you are a very generous sign, so transmit your influence. Moreover, expected and very positive news will arrive and it will mark your immediate future in the company. 


Virgos with serious health problems, hang in there, because they are on the road to recovery. There are moments of pessimism and discouragement, it's normal. But the stars bring very positive things this month of September. 

The most important thing is hope, and that is why this Monday the planets send very positive energies for the natives of Virgo that find themselves in a situation of convalescence, Mental strength is the most powerful weapon to combat any evil that wants to defeat us.

Apart from this, it's recommended that you keep hope in the recovery and that you ask for a second opinion. If a treatment isn't working well, there has to be another method.