Virgo Astral Horoscope for Thursday 30th August by Magic Horoscope

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It's a day full of sensitivity for Virgos, and this makes them take some distance with feelings and balance their emotional state. It's not about blocking your senses and that you become the rigid and insensitive person that you sometimes are. But you must find the balance.

Excess of emotionality can lead you to a non-desirable rollercoaster of feelings, with possibilities of exploding in an excessive euphoria or in episodes of anger and depression.

Attention to the Virgo in a relationship: a very stormy day, with arguments, reproaches and slamming doors that can end in a momentary separation (one of the two doesn't sleep at home today). Good news: it's the storm that precedes the bed, because a promising change is about to come to your lives.


What stresses you today isn't the workload, a job badly done or a bad response from a colleague. Not even a scold from the boss. What today has you downcast is the feeling of frustration and stagnation.

And what you urgently need, the antidote to that is to reactivate your life outside of the office. The job that you have you have to accept and for what seems for now, it won't change. So stick to the circumstances.

Organize an unforgettable weekend with your family. Bring the hope back for your partner, for your children, with your friends. In that aspect you can make things better and show that work is just one more facet of life.


Resting more than what you did before is something good, necessary and beneficial for your body. From now on, though, you may feel like sleeping more, as though you needed more hours of sleep and you never had enough.

Do you take advantage of any moment to have a quick nap? Maybe something isn't working well, Virgo, sleeping so many hours can be harmful.

But above all it's the symptom of an anomaly. It can be either a consequence of a state of decay, which you must fight with energy and vitality, or lack of iron or vitamins in the blood.