Virgo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 31st August

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Today is a good day for Virgos to find the balance between the strength of their love relationship and the individual satisfaction. And you can achieve it getting your most communicative side out, expressing without fear your needs, at the same time that you show your generosity giving in to theirs.

It's that easy, Virgo. The position of your star is bringing you the security that you lacked in this sense, so you can take advantage of this exceptional moment to overcome the personal and couple crisis and build a solid project.

The general tone today will be harmony with your partner, emotional changes with your family circle, and the occasional dispute with friends that can make your day bitter. Focus on the love plot.


Recognizing those points where you are wrong is essential to detect what you can improve when increasing your profits and expanding your account.

A tip from the stars, Virgo: in matters of finance, today you trust your nose and avoid listening to crazy proposals. External opinions are always welcome, but today they could bring you some disappointment.

Act rationally and make your own decisions firmly and securely. You are in a favorable period to do so. Give priority to conservative investments, even if they seem too slow.


Attention to the Virgo with some problems of disorientation and momentary loss of location, because today the problem may intensify. Also during the day you may feel that your head is spinning and you feel a bit dizzy. Just keep calm and try not to force the machine too much.

It's also highly recommended that today, more than ever, you give priority to rest. Sleep a minimum of eight hours and avoid overtime at work or being many hours standing.

Attention to the Virgo hooked on pills, because the thing is getting worse and today can be a critical day. If you feel dizzy, with a cloudy head or a feeling of depression, be aware of the danger of continuing to self-medicate. Leave the pills and focus on recovering mentally. More optimism and fewer pills.