Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Tuesday Is Going to Be for Virgo

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Tuesday 4th September
Virgo Daily Horoscope |

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The ability of Virgos to feel and experiment emotion is strongly boosted today, with what they continue in the path of the last changes experienced in this sense: they are days of special sensitivity.

However, while these alterations were perceived until now as sudden changes with oscillations that put Virgo to the limit of bipolarity, today these feelings turn into a positive extreme. You are closer to control that emotionality and give it a productive sense. 

You'll be especially sociable today, willing to hug the rest and share experiences with them. This will make you feel truly happy and it will reinforce your self-esteem. 


One of the direct effects of this emotional evolution that makes you have your feelings on edge is an increase of your curiosity, a renewed thirst to know new things and open yourself to new experiences.

Today you must give vent to that ambition and the desire to learn new things, that apart from satisfying your will, they will open a new horizon of knowledge. The most important thing for the Virgos today is that they are destined to break the routine and use their ability in something new.

Monotonous work today can be a deadly trap for a soul thirsting for new things.


Rationality, which is one of your strong points, is plunging you into a state of boredom and stagnation that only result in unsuccessful mediocrity. You don't get all the performance you would expect from yourself and that has you worried and makes you nervous.

To break with this, today you need to experiment pleasure through senses, to boost that part of your personality that is less rational and more sensitive, more instinctive, more carnal.

Music, food and sex can be experiences lived in a radical way thanks to the emotional channels that are more open than usual. That will make you feel alive and will keep you away from stress and nervousness resulting from frustration.