Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Falling in love is a very nice feeling that, in addition, the moment you're going through is very positive to keep growing as an individual at a spiritual level. But be careful, when this love becomes poison that corrodes your insides it starts to be dangerous.

Negative feelings like anger, hatred and jealousy are coming out of you, and without realizing, this hope and illusion of the beginning is becoming sadness and depression.

Live love in a natural way and understand it as a feeling that has to bring something positive and beautiful. Show yourself that you have grown up and that you live passion in a more mature and rational way. 


You can smell winds of change at work, and that's perhaps why you see nervous people in the office. In addition, the bosses seem a bit more upset than usual, and that brings you uneasiness.

As far as you are concerned, you must be calm. The stars are signaling a long period of stability in employment for the Virgos. What they do recommend is that you put the accent on the behavior. You are working very well and your bosses are happy with your results. Don't spoil it with inappropriate behavior.

It may be that someone is trying to harm you in your workplace, but if you stay in your place doing your job without bothering others, nobody can say anything against you.


Even though your body is working perfectly well and you feel better every time, it's normal that you allow yourself some excesses sometimes. But at a general level you should keep firmness in certain routines that assure the care of your health.

And this is what is failing these days. You're neglecting your health and you're relaxing too much. It's only necessary that you have some things in mind, Virgo, because in general you are perfectly well.

If you return to the fold of good habits you will see that you feel even better and with an enviable strength to continue being the unstoppable Virgo that can do everything.