Virgo Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 8th September

Magic Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Looking after other people says a lot about you, and it's one of your virtues, Virgo. Your dedication to others, your overflowing generosity without expecting anything in return, is not only endearing but is out of the ordinary these days. That's why you should be especially careful.

Don't stop promoting those positive features of your personality, but strengthen your defensive sense against external aggressions.

You're becoming a very vulnerable person and you must understand that in this world not everyone has the same good intentions that you have. So you'd do well to keep your guard up and be less naive.

Being more suspicious and blocking people who want to hurt you can help you a lot from now on.


Losses in an operation can destabilize your day, especially at the emotional level. But remember that what makes you a successful person in business is precisely your coldness. Your challenge, today, is to keep a cool head and act rationally.

The operation is recoverable, you just need mental strength. And the day is long, so you can turn it into a very productive golden time to compensate the bad play with other positive ones.

Attention to the Virgos that have to work today: Give priority to the pending work, because if you don't solve the previous tasks it will be difficult for you to perform the new tasks efficiently.


A very useful advice for Virgos today: you are sacrificing your food health for your work and other responsibilities. But remember that working hard and eating well are not only at odds, but it's also advisable to find that balance.

Junk food and the diet based on meat and sandwiches are leading you to a lack of control that affects, first, your digestive system, and second, it leads to deficits in some very important nutrients for your body.

Try to incorporate vegetables and fruit into your daily diet to regulate your body and start to improve the situation. In the long run, otherwise, you can get anemias and other dysfunctions.