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Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 1

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The energy between your partner and you is still too weak to have a perfect day, and any situation may lead to an argument, which might, in turn, end up in something more serious. Don’t force certain conversations or certain situations.

Sometimes, finding individual space can be liberating for both of you as well as prevent certain fall outs inevitable on a day that your relationship is so tense.

In general, it’s a perfect day to remember the good moments lived at the end of last year and to relax telling funny stories and laughing with your friends. Start the year with laughter.

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The advice that you may receive today about financial operations, investments, deals, transactions and other things related to economy can be dangerously erroneous, some well-intentioned while other not so much. Beware of certain ill-wishing plans.

The economic information shared with you is misleading so if you don’t take necessary precautions you can end up in a mess that only you will be capable of untangling. It is still early in the year to get into trouble, enjoy these first days of the year giving yourself a break.

You can, however, put forward some interesting ideas that can open new opportunities in the not too distant future. Write down all the thrilling thoughts that cross your mind and enjoy yourself.


The year won’t start at full speed as expected but it’s only a minor bump in a generally positive trend when it comes to physical strength. With a calm and patient attitude you will manage to overcome these temporary obstacles that stand in the way of your wellbeing.

In the course of today, in particular, the stars warn of strong pain in the chest that may cause you to worry about a more serious problem. It won’t get worse if you know how to control your nerves and breathe in a relaxed way.

Respiratory problems may be the source of this pain, but above all it’s a sign you are suffering from a small anxiety that causes the discomfort, feeling of fatigue and breathing trouble.

Now that a new year has begun, take it on as a personal challenge to overcome this nervousness.