Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Your partner will be very sweet and understanding. They are willing to forgive some mistakes so after agreeing on some conditions you will feel less guilty.

From now on the two of you must focus only on the present and forget the past that can’t be changed.

However, it hurts you a lot to have failed your better half and judging yourself like this is not healthy at all.

If single, you will finally understand that the person you feel attracted to is just meant to be a friend. It will be difficult for you to stop thinking of them as a potential partner but you will know how to move on, Virgo.

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December 1st could be your lucky day; you'll feel like you're winning without even gambling.

Opportunities will come directly to you and you won't need to make any extra effort.

All you have to do is paying attention to all the stimuli that will come to you, but you need to be willing to leave your comfort zone. This is how you will benefit from many opportunities.

Some very brave Virgos will want to explore new professional territories thanks to your wide curiosity. You will be open to abandon your beliefs and prejudices and take new directions without looking back.


If you have a lot of tasks to do, don't limit yourself to the most usual ones. Start planning some things that can be done over the next few weeks. Plan methodically and you will see how you start thinking clearly.

It's a highly fertile day for Virgo, so those thinking about expanding the family should get to work.

However, if expanding your family is not in your plans, you should control your passion and impulses because you might get an undesired pregnancy (although later it could end up filling your home with happiness).