The influence of the planet Mars will affect your heart directly and it will turn you into a warrior. This means that you could experience some fights at home and you won’t be the submissive part.

This fierceness will be very useful if you’re a single Virgo. It will help you set some objectives and fight to achieve them. You won’t feel embarrassed to talk to that person you like and express them your love. Or you will find the courage to ask that special person if they want to formalize their relationship with you.

Virgo, you will put an end to those clandestine romances that don’t benefit you. You don’t want to hide for love, you want to express it to everyone.

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For now, you’re respecting the budget you had planned. Everything is going as expected as for your economy. You’ve even started thinking of new ways of making money.

You could ask your company if there’s the possibility to work extra hours. Or you could ask those around you if anybody needs a favour such as taking care of an elderly relative or doing some handy jobs at home.

Virgo who has the role of a team leader at work, someone will challenge your authority. Your workers won’t listen to all the orders you will give them. Don’t get angry but listen to them, they actually have some good ideas that could help the teamwork in a more productive way.


The latest trends could have serious consequences for your health, especially if you buy the cheapest products. Be careful with those cheap sunglasses, you could end up damaging your eyes with them.

The same goes for the shoes: bad quality shoes can eventually cause you to have back pain or a headache.

This Tuesday 11th of February you will be a careless Virgo. Make sure you pay extra attention when cooking or manipulating knives at home, you don’t want to have a silly accident.