These last weeks you’ve felt like someone close looks at you differently, they seem to feel differently than they used to. This Saturday you will notice it more than any other day.

You will feel this person is always trying to find an excuse to be with you in any daily situation such as grocery shopping or having a coffee in a bar. You feel really flattered, but do you think you could feel love for this person too?

You will really care about your family today, especially your eldest relatives. Some Virgos will be particularly concerned about the passing of time and they will feel like they’ve grown up very quickly.

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You will double your efforts to save as much as you can, but no matter what you do, money always vanishes.

Analyse the situation, you will find out you’re living beyond your means. You tend to feel jealous and you want the same things as other people, and you can’t wait until your finances get better.

Try to be more sociable with your workmates. Take advantage of the weekend and plan some activity together, it will help you connect. There are many options, maybe you could go for a drink, or visit a gallery, or maybe watch a match together. Everything will be a good idea as long as it helps you socialize.


The Magic Horoscope doesn’t predict anything serious regarding your health. Just be sensible when you’re doing certain activities that could carry a risk such as driving a car.

Pay attention to your hair, you could go to the salon if you want to make it look more beautiful. Did you know that some celebrities use a wig not to get their hair damaged?