Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The Stars are telling you to stop being a coward. You think your heart won’t be hurt if you isolate yourself, but you will miss everything beautiful in life too.

You need to project an active attitude. Make people fall in love with you, let them hear your feelings. Stop being that cold and start acting with passion. Love is right in the centre of the Magic Horoscope, you can’t escape it.

That relationship that’s been going on for so long has come to a crucial moment. Do you want to stop it? You know you don’t! You want to commit forever, Virgo!

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You have some debt and problems that you know very well. Sometimes solutions are not that obvious.

You may need some good advice, you just need to look for it. Ask all the questions you want, you will receive an answer to each of them.

However, monitor your expenses, your finances are not going through their best moment right now. Detect problems and errors. Maybe you still haven’t cancelled old paying subscriptions (an online television, a gym you don’t visit anymore…etc.)


Your health is getting to a point that will make you appreciate life in a more spontaneous and lighter way. You will try to make your day to day easier, and also the day to day of those around you. You will act with sweetness and clarity.

You shouldn’t find any important obstacle in your way and you will probably feel relieved from some old pain.

The Stars favour your recovery if you’ve just had surgery. You will shine today and you will see some improvements if you’re fighting depression or any other kind of mental health issue.