Single Virgo, you need to be realistic if you really want to find love. You had plans for this weekend, you wanted to go and look for love, flirt and conquer as if you were the protagonist of a romantic comedy.

But the result hasn’t been exactly what you expected. Venus hasn’t been by your side this time and you haven’t made the effort of offering your best assets.

You need to learn how to love yourself more, accept your body and your flaws and make your virtues visible for everyone else. That’s how you will find your place in the universe and in love.

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Is it your free day today? Then go out for a walk. However, control your expenses, you will find many opportunities to spend money today.

If you feel the strong need to buy an item, stop and think if you’ve ever needed it before. If the answer is no, then it means that you don’t need it at all. You need to be able to tell the difference between whims and needs.

You need to slow down at work and try to find what really moves you, maybe you’re working in a job that doesn’t let you be yourself.


You’ve been shaping your lifestyle because of certain problems and diseases you’ve been suffering.

A good amount of these illnesses haven’t become serious, but they’ve been a good warning to make you feel conscious about your health and your well-being.

This Sunday you will see how all your efforts have been worth it. You will feel the progress you’ve slowly been making and you will feel satisfied. It’s been long since you felt like this.