Changes are coming in the love life of Virgo. You’ve been thinking a lot about it and you’ve let appearances carry you away.

Your attitude will be quite complicated, you will look for a double meaning to everything your partner tells you and you will feel jealous in situations that never used to affect you before.

You should also be gentler with your friends, you’ve been gossiping too much and you might even have backstabbed someone and today everything could finally end up seeing the light. Look after those who love you, Virgo, or you will regret soon.

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Luck is by your side at the beginning of the week, and you will even have some money. Calm down and don’t be too happy, the sum will be quite low so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

It could also happen that the money comes to you by mistake, maybe it’s not even for you. If this is the case, the Stars recommend you to be honest and give back what is not yours.

Pay attention to your belongings. You’ve been quite forgetful today with all the things you have in mind. If you have to be in a crowded space you could be a victim of a pickpocketer if you’re not careful enough, so pay extra attention.


You’re really vigorous today, but don’t force your body to its limits, you’re not made of steel. Be sensible in every action.

Your stomach won’t be at its best today. You will have the occasion of eating certain foods that you love but your stomach acidity could ruin the party for you.

Always carry some Epsom salts with you, just in case you need them after eating.