Virgo Horoscope Friday
Your Virgo Horoscope for Friday | Magic Horoscope


The Horoscope says you will have a balanced and happy day. This Friday, most Virgos will have a pleasant day.

Venus will protect you with all its energy and will bring you great ideas to make love stand out above everything else today.

You will be very lucky today, so bring out the best of you. You can find a solution to that old misunderstanding you had with your partner or, if you’re single, you can go for it and flirt with someone.

Many Virgos will feel attracted to someone whose personality would clash with their principles. However, you will find this person irresistible.

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It’s the end of the week, but you still have many dreams and wishes. You want to improve your situation and find another source of income that helps you pay your monthly expenses and save at the same time. Or maybe you would like to take your children somewhere nice during the holidays.

Do you feel happy and fulfilled at work? If the answer is negative, you can start the change: you need to find a job offer that ticks all your boxes.

Try to create an attractive curriculum, something that looks nice and invites you to read it. Make sure you are exactly what the company needs.


The day seems quiet and uneventful. You could use a beauty treatment; it will boost your self-esteem. Don’t think about the money because there are many ingredients you probably already have at home that are the bases of many creams.

You can try a mask made of avocado, lemon (or lime) and olive oil. It will nourish your face and leave it glowing.