This Valentine’s Day will be the best you’ve ever enjoyed! You will have many mixed feelings and you could confuse some situations you’ve already experienced with the ones you would like to have.

You’ve been too shy and scared to dare to enjoy some situations in the past. However, Virgo, you will learn to be comfortable in any situation in life.

This 14th of February you will understand that love is an individual feeling, everybody has different experiences and the way you love now doesn’t have to be the same way you used to love as a teenager.

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You’re a bit confused when it comes to your finances. You can’t tell the difference between needs and whims.

Try to forget about that purchase you’ve been thinking of lately, you can’t afford it and you know that it will have a negative effect on your budget and your family life.

You have some projects in the air. You’ve felt it’s difficult to advance and make them happen, but don’t let this make you stop fighting. Be patient and you will be able to achieve them, it just needs some time.


Your health could be much better if you really listened to your doctor. You know that you aren’t doing things as you’ve been told: you don’t take the medicine you need and you forget about the restrictions you’ve been suggested.

The planets will bring a lot of energy in your life and you can use it to make positive changes. You will be able to embrace your strengths and you’ll be strong enough to abandon certain habits that are harmful to you.

You will benefit from a relaxing massage; it will help you charge your batteries.