Mistakes are difficult to mend in love, and some bad decisions will have consequences for a long time. If your romantic life is going through a stormy time (a long one, actually), you’d rather put an end to it.

You need to have more pride, love yourself more, and don’t lose your dignity begging for attention. Don’t think that the passing of time always makes things better, the rainbow doesn’t always appear after every storm.

On the other hand, are you starting a romance? It’s time you set the bases, if there’s something you don’t like or you’re not interested in, now it’s time to say it, Virgo.

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You’d rather be discreet if you’re dealing with confidential information, you know that walls have ears. Some colleagues might be waiting for a moment of weakness so they can attack you and steal what’s yours.

This Tuesday you will how not everything in life has a price. For example, your family, friends, and even your partner might do you a favour that is priceless. The least you can do is be as grateful as you can.

If your family budget is never under control, start thinking about new electricity or internet companies, find something that costs less money.


You won’t cope well with cold temperatures, you will hate both cold and heat. Control the use of heating machines or air conditioning, you don’t want to have a sore throat

Do you want to attract good vibrations around you? Try wearing clothes with warm tones, they will put you in a good mood.

Virgo, do you have a competition today? If this is the case, you will perform really well and you will have great stamina. It’s also a good day for plastic surgery.