Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You have fewer opportunities than you expected in the area of love. You want to move on and forget the disappointments of your past experiences, but the starsof the Magic Horoscope won’t make it easy for you, Virgo.

You will have to leave your independence behind and socialize a bit more. If you have a partner, they could see you are distancing too much. If you don’t pay more attention to your other half, there could appear some important scars in your relationship.

If you have enough time, try to find activities you both can do together, even if you end up competing against each other in activities such as sports. This will be even better!

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The universe will mess with you and give you false expectations. Don’t expect promises will come true this Thursday, 14th of November, your partners, clients and in general those who work with you will be quite disorganized.

Some of them will even make promises they won’t be able to keep. Don’t take it as something personal, they won’t disappoint you on purpose.

The Moon is leading you to take action in order to earn more money. You could think about having a temporary secondary job, such as tutoring classes, walking dogs or cleaning houses. There are many options if you start thinking, Virgo!


It’s a day full of joy and satisfaction. You have an infectious good mood. Did you know laughter’s healing power is stronger than some medicine? It suppresses the stress hormone, and it stimulates your heart, your brain, and even your lungs. Have you considered going to a laughter therapy workshop? You could really benefit from it!

You’re evolving in a dynamic way, your ideas are original and you let positivity invade you. What’s more, you know when someone will just bring negativity to you and you push them away from your life before they intoxicate it. Use your enthusiasm in everything you do. Share your joie de vivre.