This weekend you will need your sense of humour. You will experience lots of feelings and one minute you will be laughing and the other you will be crying. The same goes for your relationship: you can have a deep connection with your partner and next minute you’ll have an argument.

You want to think that you’re a strong person, someone difficult to disappoint. The truth is, Virgo, sometimes life can be too overwhelming, even for someone like you. Accept your weakest points and learn how you can become stronger: if your life falls apart, take advantage and build it again the way you like.

Single Virgo, today you could receive a phone call (or a message) from someone you’ve had some dates and you want to see again. Maybe if you start meeting regularly your story can become something else.

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Learn how to understand your budget. It will be very useful in both your personal and your professional life. Put some order in your bank accounts and, if you share any with a family member, know how to explain every movement. That’s how you can avoid problems.

Virgos in general, you will have a great opportunity to advance in your career, but this will be particularly true if you work in communication.

If you have to sign a contract, be extra careful. Use all your charisma and your diplomatic skills because if you are able to combine them properly you will totally succeed and receive a lot of profit from this deal.


You will have an important fright when it comes to your health: something will scare you a lot but once you visit your doctor you will see that it’s not as important as you thought.

You will feel very energetic today but make sure you know how to distribute your energies or you will waste some vitality and you will feel exhausted at the end of the day. Virgo, this Saturday you’ll be able to do much more than you expect!