Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


When you analyse your situation you discover there’s no better moment to love and be loved. Venus is guiding you and will let you know yourself without shields or masks, in a completely honest way.

Today will be a day marked by relationships with everyone. You will plan your weekend and make an effort to give your partner the importance they deserve.

If single, you won’t want to waste your time approaching anybody and seducing them. It will be a day full of emotions, Virgo.

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Everything seems positive at work and regarding your economy. You have great charisma and you know how to use it. Your good mood is infectious and you want to share it to make those around you feel better.

Enthusiasm and determination will make your transactions successful, even the ones that seemed a little bit stagnant. You know how to make things happen quickly by deciding for the best choices and always preferring good quality in all your transactions.

Jupiter will help you reap benefit from your actions and investments quickly, and this will be seen as a guarantee of quality, those who work with you will trust you.


You dream a lot, even when you’re awake! You have a philosopher’s spirit and, as such, you think a lot about circumstances in life.

However, you don’t have total control of your body. That’s why the Magic Horoscope suggests you don’t try anything too risky today. Wait until your situation is better and you adapt to the circumstances.

If you’re considering a diet, don’t trust those miracle fad diets that will make you drop lots of kilos in just a few days. Losing weight healthily will be a slow process.