Virgo Horoscope Wednesday
Your Virgo Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


Be very careful this Wednesday because you could end up getting caught! Be smart and start thinking for a proper excuse to give if you can’t avoid it!

If you’re sensible enough, you will be honest with your partner and your loved ones. If you’re back with someone who stopped being part of your life (an ex-partner, a friend…etc.) just say it openly. You know if you have to feel guilty about it or not.

You know that the excuse of needing some privacy will just be half true. There are many who would say you’re not being loyal at all.

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An unexpected event could make you lose some time at work. You will have to rush if you don’t want to work for free. If you want to invest, talk to a specialist; someone who can give you advice so you don’t waste your money.

Something will make you spend a lot of money. You’re a sensible and cautious Virgo so you will manage not to spend all your savings.

It’s a good moment to call that friend you lent money to and who hasn’t paid back a single cent. They said you would have your money back immediately but this hasn’t happened yet.


This 17th of March will be a very positive day for your health. Maybe you will have a mild headache, but it won’t be anything serious.

Continue with your healthy habits, Virgo. You could even stay healthy while meeting your friends: when was the last time you played basketball? Organize a match with your friends!

Be careful if you have to handle sharp objects; you don’t want to have an accident. Pay attention to needles, knives, and other similar objects.