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There’s a great balance between you and your partner. Harmony is present in your relationship and many will see you as their relationship goals. Of course, you would love to tell them that there are also some negative things in your life, no matter how perfect it seems.

Don’t let the situation overwhelm you, your love story might not be perfect, but there is no perfect story. Don’t stop planning things together and don’t think too much about it. Things are going much better than you feel.

Actually, your other half doesn’t worry at all about all these issues that leave you restless. Virgo, relax a little bit and enjoy the first day of the week!

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Update all your finances, especially the bills you have to pay. Make sure there isn’t anything left to do. You will be surprised when you see that not everything was perfectly controlled.

If you’re not earning money with your passion, with something that fills you with illusion, you could become grumpy. Your emotional balance depends on how satisfied you feel with your job.

Think about your real vocation, that job you used to dream of when you were a child. You’re still on time to do it. It’s never too late, Virgo!


You will be a bit careless today. Make sure you don’t lose anything and you’re not disoriented, or you could suffer some minor accident such as bumping your head against a door or slipping with a wet floor. You’d better pay some attention to what you’re doing.

You will feel interested in exotic foods that are claimed to be full of vitamins and minerals. Be careful with these trends because probably you can find the same components in local produce.