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Single Virgo, you will experience new feelings. Your most recent conquests will bring you satisfaction but you won’t dare to go one step further and commit more than you’re doing.

Why don’t you take it seriously when you’re getting a compliment? It’s not just words, it’s the truth.

If you’re in a relationship, remember that you’re entitled to have your own opinion, but you need to calm down a little bit, especially if your opinion is negative. You’re not sure if you must trust your partner a bit more or yourself.

Be a little bit more understanding and everything is going to be alright. There’s no reason for you to be sleepless every night, thinking about all these problems.

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You feel positive regarding business. You used to be scared of finances but this is something from the past. You’re realistic but you allow yourself to dream sometimes.

You need to follow the rules and not break the law today, don’t miss any point in any contract and don’t copy the bad habits of some of your workmates. Forget about a business if you have doubts about its legality.

Everything that happens will be for the better, Jupiter is protecting you. You won’t have to make any extra effort to make things go right, Virgo.


Take advantage of this month that is starting to take better care of yourself. You just need to adopt a new lifestyle where you have a perfect balance between sports and diet. If you add a little bit of meditation or a similar technique, you will be really healthy!

This is the right time to be disciplined and find stability. It’s an especially interesting period to overcome psychological problems such as depressions, leave breakups behind or even give up any type of addiction.