Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Your enthusiasm will help you bring life back to those relationships that could have been withered by routine. Calling your ex and asking for a second opportunity won’t be difficult for you. Now you understand your mistakes and you know you won’t commit them again.

You will do what you can in order to get warmth back in your love life, you want a new meaning for your life, more happiness and fewer worries. Virgo, from now on, you will try your best to achieve a better understanding with those around you and those who are yet to come.

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This 26th of November you have the objective of advancing in your career. You will spend all the hours of the day completing all the tasks you have, and you always believe that there’s something more you can do, that the effort will be worth it.

The Magic Horoscope suggests you take a deep breath and consider the pros and cons. Learn which are the imperfections that obsess you. You love being neat, but if you take it too far you can end up overwhelmed and anxious.

Jupiter will act as a protector for your financial issues. Most Virgos won’t have a problem to manage their budget, and some might even save some money. Your good mood will be your weakness today, it can lead you to spend excessively.


The Planets will lead you to join in some music or painting classes. You wish to put your talent to a test. It’s time you express what’s inside of you: an artist that may have remained silent under a layer of obligations and responsibilities.

Your mental health will be the protagonist of the day, Virgo. All these emotions inside of you could be channeled through art and this will bring you a lot of peace.