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Are you single right now? That means you have no attachments, no restrictions! This Sunday you’re free to travel somewhere near where you can go out and socialize, or maybe even participate in interesting cultural activities.

You can definitely choose to go for a really positive change when it comes to your emotional well-being, do something that makes you feel proud of yourself!

If, on the other hand, you’re in a relationship, you will make an effort to improve your life as a couple. You will instinctively know what to do in order to make your bond grow stronger (and not at any price, of course). Being too permissive in a relationship can become something toxic if you’re not on the same wavelength.

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Your economy is evolving right now, your savings are reaching a natural balance which comes as a result of your efforts. You’ve been working on projects with the intention of profiting from them soon, and you’re already seeing the results (even if the best results are yet to come!).

You should think about this following year and your objectives regarding finances and your job. Do you want a promotion, Virgo? A new job, maybe? Go for it and fight for your objectives!

Many Virgos will try to find their true vocation. However, this is not something easy. You will need to get back in touch with the dreams you used to have as a child. When you thought of yourself as an adult, what job did you imagine you would have?


Don’t fall into temptation, there are many sources of pleasure around you, that’s true, but you can’t keep biting the apple over and over again. Your health could end up resenting.

Virgo, you will be very vulnerable. You will let unimportant things perturb you too easily.

You are trying to be in a good mood but some planets will work against this. The Moon invites you to explore your resources, your potential and your talents.