Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The Magic Horoscope predicts some doubts and maybe even anxiety in your love life. You could even feel the need to be alone.

This Friday will be uneventful and a bit boring too. You feel you need some spice in your life.

In the worst-case scenario, some Virgos can expect arguments with their partners. It will start as an insignificant conversation that will become more and more serious.

You will be quite intolerant and demanding and this won’t help communication today. If you’re single, today won’t be the best day to find love.

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According to the prediction for this last Friday of November, your financial life will receive good news due to a new contract you will sign. However, make sure you understand all the points so you understand what you’re signing. You can be a bit naïve sometimes and that could make others want to take advantage of you.

Your financial situation will improve thanks to a change in your household: your partner might inherit some money, one of your children could get a job…etc.

You will be very efficient at work, especially if you work face-to-face with customers. The results you will get will be much better than you expected.


It will be a pleasant, relaxing day, but you might receive some sign from the Universe to change your lifestyle. Maybe you will feel that you should quit smoking, or you could start eating healthy again.

If you have to sit on the computer for too long you might end up suffering from lower back pain today. Why don’t you change your traditional office chair for a Pilates ball? It will help you keep moving while you’re working. It’s a cheap and easy solution so you could give it a try!