Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Your heart feels the need for novelty and change. You’re not satisfied with what you have right now and you’ll almost forget how much you love your partner, at least for a while.

You will have to be strong to fight this astral current, the wish to live fleeting and intense romances that will soon be forgotten can end up turning your world upside down.

If single, you will be involved in many events which will be really interesting to you, but you can’t know when you will meet that person who completes you. This is not the best day for your intuition so be careful with your decisions, they will shape your future, Virgo.

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There is a concept that you mustn’t forget: don't spend more money than you can.

It can sound simple, but you'll have a hard time staying focused when someone will try to trick you into spending money. That said, you'll have to work hard to reduce the risks of being in contact with this type of person.

If you’re willing to try your luck in new horizons, the Magic Horoscope predicts you will have the support of the Stars today. Escaping your comfort zone can be rewarded today, luck will be on your side.


You will be healthy and strong, better than most days. Take advantage of your luck and don't compromise that precious immaterial good by wasting your efforts on issues that have no solution.

Avoid conflicts, if you get involved in a fight your energy could go away. Certainly, you will be one of the most sensitive signs of the horoscope on this December 3rd.

If you feel ill, do not take any medication that has not been prescribed by your doctor. Taking medicines without asking your doctor could damage your organism more than making it better.