Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Most couples will experience moments of true passion this 31st of December. Your love life will bring you lots of happiness today so you will take full advantage of every moment.

There’s a positive environment that makes communication easier. If there is an argument, it will be very mild and full of humour and irony. You enjoy making your partner angry, Virgo, but it’s obvious you’re happy together.

Single Virgo, your situation is a bit more complicated. The Magic Horoscope predicts you will find love at first sight, but the position of Mars can bring some negative aspects that could end up becoming a disappointment.

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You feel like you’re being lucky and you will even receive some signals from the destiny that will confirm it. You have a clear vision of the future, Virgo, and you will know how to act in order to get more money than previously estimated.

Those around you will trust you and will help you become more confident, you have all their support. Be curious, ask all the questions you want to and clear your doubts.

If you’re unemployed, why don’t you try to get in touch with someone you helped in the past so they pay you back? You feel like you can’t trust people sometimes, but you’re wrong and you need to see it.


The atmosphere is a little bit tense this last day of the year, Virgo. This makes you feel a bit disoriented and you don’t know what’s best for your well-being. That’s why you might end up making some wrong decisions.

You will feel the need to become even better at sports. Don’t take unnecessary risks, though,  your energy is limited. Go slowly at first. Excesses are not good during this time of the year, that’s why you should also control what you do at night, especially if you feel like celebrating the New Year.