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You’ve decided to give in to love: you want to make an effort to preserve the quality of your love relationships and even make it better if possible! The key will be to accelerate the rhythm and display more affection.

Things won’t happen by themselves, you will have to provoke them. You will have to be the one who brings excitement to your love life.

You will take pleasure in your married life, your spouse will be loving and will support all your ideas and decisions. Sometimes they will even add some suggestions that will match your aspirations.

If you’re single, this Monday you may want to live some type of adventure. The problem is that you will have a preference for forbidden fruit. You don’t seem to want things to go easy for you, Virgo!

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You want to start new adventures, but always do it carefully. It’s the right time to invest in research, a market research that can tell you if it’s time to take some risks you’d better wait until you start a new business. That’s the only way to get profitable results.

Don’t get frustrated if the results aren’t as exciting as you expected, at least they will be useful. Your excellent intellect lets you adapt to different situations in order to find the best opportunities, and you will be really good at negotiating the best conditions for you.


You need to get back to your inner child. You could chat to old friends or visit some relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. Your week begins with lots of activity for your social life.

Your spiritual development is pretty positive too. You will find answers to some existential questions through religion or movements that had never caught your attention before.

Your body will send you some signs for you to care more about your health, but it’s nothing you should worry about. Just try to have more common sense.