Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


This 6th of December you feel love is in the air. Your feelings are strong and you won’t let anybody spoil this moment of joy and harmony.

Some might come to you and try to trick you into believing they care, but they will just act out of jealousy and they will try to ruin your mood. Luckily you’ll be wise enough to detect this behaviour and you’ll keep them away from your life.

Single Virgo, your dates will become more cultural and you might even start seeing one of your friends as something more.

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You’ve learned new ways of making money with more freedom. Your dreams have changed, you don’t fantasize about crazy ideas anymore but you are more realistic and your goals are solid. Your experiences will make you stronger.

Ignore all the negative comments you’re about to receive. Some will say you can’t do it, but you will follow your instincts.

Experience has proved that you have to work hard to earn money, so you won’t trust those businesses that promise quick money without moving a finger.


You’ve started to enjoy these activities that make you feel free again. If you’ve undergone a surgery recently you will react very positively to treatment and therapy.

The Magic Horoscope predicts you will be dynamic and in a good mood, you’ve started to think about your projects again.

You could go to some charity event. These dates are fantastic for this type of events and you will enjoy it. It will feel good to have a good time while you’re helping those in need.