Virgo Horoscope Friday
Your Virgo Horoscope for Friday | Magic Horoscope


You and your partner will have a bad timetable combination. You will have to be more flexible if you want to spend some quality time together. For some Virgo, the individual responsibilities you will have with your family or children won’t help in this situation.

Some Virgos will have problems at home because of housework. If you’ve been too lazy for too long, you’d better start working double to make up for it. If the problem is the contrary –your partner doesn’t help much at home– then don’t hesitate and tell them what you think.

If you’re single, you can be happy because you can foresee the possible romances you can have this weekend. However, the Stars recommend you focus on a single story rather than trying to flirt as much as you can.

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Virgo, you will have a lot of work today. You will receive many phone calls so get ready.

Maybe a workmate will ask for some help at work, maybe they need you to clear a doubt for them, and maybe one of the many calls will just be a friend or relative asking about you because you haven’t seen each other for long.

All these calls will distract you from your actual work so this Friday will seem very long and endless. Just be patient and resist the urge to break your phone. Be diplomatic, you know how to do it, this is one of these emergency moments when you need to be as calm and patient as you can when dealing with people.


Your health will be very good this Friday. However, you can still suffer from stomach problems and gases.

If you want to avoid this problem, add more aubergines, pumpkin, and fish to your diet.

Doing some exercise can also help you find relief for this kind of problems. Going to the swimming pool can be the perfect solution you needed.