Virgo horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


It’s a difficult day in your lovelife, especially if you’re ending a relationship while at the same time you’re starting a new one.

You can’t find your place in the world, Virgo. Sometimes you wish you were invisible so everybody would leave you alone for a while. You will seriously think about going to a deserted island when you can’t stand the pressure anymore.

If you’re in a stable relationship, you will live some tense moments too, but you will leave the problems aside to deal with them a different day with more clarity. You want to fight in order to defend your position, but you don’t have the energy now.

If single, you won’t enjoy dating these days. You find being a player a little bit boring. You want to find the right person to begin a relationship, be careful with it and take care of it daily, but you don’t know where to find this person.

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You’ve decided to inflate your CV a little bit in order to improve your working situation. Balance will be key here, if you exaggerate some skill you don’t really have, it will be very easy to spot.

You’ve been warned, Virgo. Now use this information wisely and you will achieve what you want (at least, partly).

You will face a small financial crisis that could have been solved soon if you had paid off some debts when you had to. Your imagination won’t be useful here so be responsible for your mistakes and pay off your debt. Next time listen to those around you, their advice will be a real treasure.


You appreciate a good challenge. You feel the urge to change your perspective in life, you want to have more freedom and you reflect on many complex questions that don’t always have a unique answer.

Your need to enjoy outdoors and do activities in nature will be very limited by your job.

Try to reorganize your schedule, let’s see if you find more time for yourself. If you have an area with water you will benefit from visiting it, it will reduce your stress.