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It’s one of these days when you understand we have to regret the actions we’ve done, not the ones we’ve avoided doing, Virgo.

You will meet a person with whom you fell in love a long time ago, but you never dared to do what was necessary: express your feelings.

You will learn a valuable lesson here, every opportunity we let go will just make us stay further form happiness.

This weekend, follow your heart. Don’t be afraid and get over your insecurities.

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New contacts and opportunities will come to you on this 8th of November. You’re considering a big change, but you need to think of all the possible scenarios first.

The most absurd ideas can have great results. You know how to use your imagination and the imagination of other people, and together with some allies, you can design new projects and inventions.

The Moon will slow down your drive to save money because it will offer many options that mean you will recklessly spend money. You feel like giving in to the unknown and you’re not to think much about your actions. You will try to enhance your objective side but it won’t be enough. You need to analyse the situation a bit better and control it.


Bad news for Virgo’s health. Your energy is low and some discomfort will slow down your obligations and responsibilities.

The working day will become particularly long because of a headache that doesn’t seem to have an end, or due to some back pain that prevents you from sitting in front of the computer.

Once you get home, allow yourself to go to the bathroom and have a bubble bath with scented flowers and candles. You will release great part of this negativity.