Venus will affect your life positively and will turn you into someone more irresistible than you could imagine, Virgo.

Virgo, you will have to avoid temptations. However, if you’re in a relationship, you will have to make an effort not to give in to your darkest wishes. You will have to reject some suggestion, no matter how passionate it may seem, you don’t want to play games.

If single, you want to meet people, these days you’re thinking about relationships and even weddings!

Don’t let your dreams carry you away, you could end up in a relationship with someone who isn’t the right person for you.

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You’re a bit rebellious right now. You don’t want to follow the advice your friends and relatives offer you, but you know you should listen to them.

If you start spending big amounts of money that aren’t necessary you will end up having big problems soon. You’ve been warned, now do what you think you should do.

You could be successful in everything you do atwork, especially if you work in IT or new technologies. However, you know your own limits, don’t engage in adventures you know you can’t finish.


The Sun will make you very strong this Thursday and you will feel very dynamic. Mars will also give you positive energies.

This 9th of January you will be in great shape. You will recover if you’ve suffered an illness or infection. It’s a good moment to try new therapies or complement your usual treatment with some natural remedies.