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You’ve started to have strong and honest feelings and you weren’t prepared for it. You think the way you’re acting doesn’t follow the same rhythm as your heart and you want to do something about it. You want to accept things just as you feel them.

Living with love is a privilege that takes you high and far away, and you know it. You will feel brave and the Stars will give you a lot of imagination. You and your partner will enjoy a feeling of power and pleasure these days.

If single, you have the feeling that you would be happier with someone by your side, but don’t forget that being in a relationship means you will end up worrying about little things. Maybe you don’t know it and you’ve never been happier than now, enjoying your freedom without feeling lonely.

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Have you just created a family budget and now everyone is against it? You have the right to take the time you need to clarify all the reasons why you want to go one direction and not the other.

Try to keep calm, even if this means you will have a family argument. Everything will have positive results if you want to. Pay special attention to details that can be useful in your finances.

You’re testing yourself at work, you want to prove you’re a quality worker. You could freeze if you’re not totally confident. Do you know your limits, Virgo?


It’s a great day to do what you want: you think it’s difficult for something or someone to frustrate your plans.

If you want to enjoy yourself, you just need to respect your own limitations. Don’t be carried away and consider every decision you make. Show your abilities before you test them.