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Virgo Astral Horoscope for Friday 10th August by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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Today it's essential that the Virgos change the usual routines with their partner. Renewal is the key to success.

Take advantage of this Friday, after a hard day, find peace with your loved one in a different environment in which you can give free rein to your love (And why not, to your passion!), experiencing new sensations. That will power many unexplored points of your personality.

Virgo's who are mothers, in addition, today have a very positive change in their relationship with their children, which began to be a bit distant and they have become tender again. It's time for you to show your less rigid side and strengthen empathy and connection.


The stars bless the children of Virgo with an explosion of creativity and unusual intuition, which as you know, happens very rarely in the natives of your sign. Take advantage of it and unleash your imagination.

Leave for a few hours of that squared and perfectionist head, Virgo. Life is also experiencing, making mistakes, trying again, creating and taking risks. It's time to explore parts of you and skills that you didn't know.

Virgos with ascendant Libra are especially touched by that creativity.


The moon illuminates with overwhelming intensity the face of your regent and that charges you with energy that today is directed to your genital area. That demands a physical response on your part Virgo: your sexual desire is unleashed and you must give it some satisfaction.

It's a day to let go, so you don't repress yourself and let your desire flow in the most spontaneous way. Everything you had dreamed of doing you can put into practice today, and look for a wild and animal connection with your partner. Not everything has to be romanticism!

Your imagination and your creativity are unleashed, so that very funny things can come out.