Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The calendar doesn’t tell you about the occasions when you could celebrate love. This will be a very good excuse for you if you’ve forgotten your partner’s birthday or even your anniversary!

You will have to be really creative if you want your love story to keep being solid and without recriminations flying like bullets from one side of the room to the other.

Yes, the theory is fantastic, any day is a good day to celebrate whatever you want with your partner, but don’t forget about the details that are important in life, alright?

If you’re single your day could become complicated, you will be jealous of what others have.

Ask yourself what you need in order to have the family you wish, or to have a partner. Maybe you always focus on hot people with weak minds that are unable to enjoy love.

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Some dark stories regarding money and the way of spending it will come out to the light in your family, and this will make you really angry.

Control your temper and, if you want to find a solution, don’t start a war. Talk directly to those who are affected and make your points very clear.

If you’re free this Saturday, what about updating your CV and posting it on social networks and job search engines? You could also improve it by taking some online course, you could learn some new discipline.


It’s a time when temperature changes are constant. It’s really hot but there are many air conditioning around. Take special care of your throat when you’re in this situation.

If you feel you’re starting to feel bad, a little bit of honey will make you feel better. You can try it together with warm milk, for example.

The pain you feel could be more psychosomatic than anything else. Stress, anger…these things are connected to parts of your body that end up provoking the same symptoms you would feel if you were ill. Try to rest! And you could always take some calming infusions such as chamomile.