Virgo Daily Horoscope |



Virgo, your partner needs some gesture of affection. It is possible that during the last few days you have moved a little away from her or him to the detriment of other people. Look for a space in your busy schedule today to be with them and do some activity that they like.

Try to retake the relationship with a relative who lives far from you and who has been relegated to a distant place in your life. With the passage of time, your relationship has been reduced to a few simple Christmas messages, but you would like everything to go back to the way it was when you spoke almost daily on the phone.


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You have to go to a business meeting with a client. There is a lot of money at stake, so you will try to take the project very well prepared.

You are very faithful to certain superstitions, which always bring you a lot of luck at decisive moments. You will wear those clothes that bring you so many successes in the professional and will go the way always to get to the meeting.

Your economic situation is very good today, although sometimes you miss having a little more free time to spend money, especially on whims, such as going out to dinner or make a getaway.


You spend a lot of time sitting, often because of your work. To compensate for this inactivity, you also need to do some exercise early in the day or at night.

If for any reason you can not practice sport it is preferable to lead a life as active as possible. Instead of traveling by car, go to the places on foot and you can even use your bicycle. Your recently overweight legs will appreciate any activity.

It is worthwhile that instead of eating a sandwich you cook something at home. Even if you don't feel like working in the kitchen, your body will appreciate it.