Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


Passion sets Virgo’s emotions free; you’ll feel more motivated to live the love without complications. There is, within the heart of Virgo, a desire to live and be happy that overcomes any fear and obstacle.

That’s why this day will be filled with euphoria and joy, and, among other aspects of love, sex will be reborn as a radical expression of happiness. You’ll need to feel more alive than ever, hot blood will be beating in your veins, and all your senses will come to life.

Set your passions free fearlessly, love however and whoever you want, enjoy sex the way you haven’t for a long time.

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You’ll have to master the laws of economic fatality if you want to finish this Thursday with the sensation that nothing can break economic growth. The stars predict the arrival of economic prosperity, but you’ll have to stay out of crazy adventures.

Confusing courage with recklessness is the quickest way to reduce chances of financial improvement. You’re rising from certain anxieties, but finally everything is in your favor to progress.

Your brain may become your worst enemy if you trust yourself too much. Controlling impulses and building your economy on the solid pillars of common sense will lead you to a definite success.


Although this day will be emotionally inspiring and filled with challenges of economic and financial growth, your health won’t be so great and might give you a sensation of ruining your perfect day. The feeling of fullness will be clouded by physical pains.

It’s important for you to learn to mentally control the resistance to pain and overcome physical problems in a good mood. It can be very productive to listen to your favourite music to raise your spirits no matter what.

But above all, you have to be able to get active and fill your body with energy to move forward and in this way reduce the fever, muscle pain and headaches.