Virgo Daily Horoscope |




Don’t be disappointed after a loss or abandonment. If fate has put you and this person apart it’s because you didn’t really benefit from their company. With time you have seen this person’s true colours and it’s nothing like you expected. You know that there’s a very small step between love and disappointment.

Whenever you think of people from your past or those who are not there anymore you feel nostalgic. You really miss them a lot and wish they could be by your side to support you in your bad moments.

If you’re single you might have noticed someone…who already has a partner, so your chances of success are very small. Don’t you even try it or you will end up losing more than one friend because of your behaviour.

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You’re so focused on your personal issues that you will probably miss some job opportunity. There are trains that only pass once in a lifetime and you must get on them when you still can or will miss them forever.

You’re too distracted and your bosses will let you know, they will give you a wake-up call so you can change. You take longer and longer to complete your obligations and some tasks require you to achieve some objectives that you can’t reach.

These days you won’t be able to save any money, as much as you try. It feels like money flies away from your pockets. You don’t know how to stop it? You will probably find someone around you who has less resources than you and knows how to manage with less money.


You can’t be depressed after receiving bad news from the doctor. You need a second opinion with another doctor to check if it’s a mistake. You might even turn your back to traditional medicine and will use alternative methods.

You might not feel it, but the stars will give you an unusual amount of energy and optimism, you will be able to face any health problem you could experience.

Be careful with some routines that might end up leading to something serious in the future. Sleep during eight hours every night and don’t forget to eat natural produce.