Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You want to load your spirit with positive aspects in order to transmit your messages and get closer to those you love.

If you have problems communicating, the best thing you can do is stay tuned for any danger that could appear, try to give an answer to any doubt and don’t try to always say the last word.

The conditions of the Stars regarding change are favourable as long as they’re realistic. You will take the lead to get rid of that thing that caused you so much pain, even if it seems just a little, almost invisible thorn.

If single, you will be suspicious. Someone will get closer to you but you’ll think there’s something wrong, you won’t like something about their personality. Stay neutral and keep calm. If your sixth sense is warning you about that person, you’d better listen to it.

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Mars is presenting you with some explosive aspects. You will have to be careful not to cause any argument among your colleagues, or if you’re higher in the hierarchy, you don’t want your workers to rebel against you.

Always count to ten before you speak, that’s how you will be able to avoid using some bad language, Virgo.

You will feel very unstable when it comes to money, you can’t get all your dreams and you will see you need to adopt new disciplinary measures in order to keep your finances or consolidate your current situation.


Caution and reticence will help you accomplish your interests. You will learn how to find back the balance in your life and, if you’ve been lost, you’ll find yourself again.

You accept deconstructing everything you thought you knew and you will question many things. You will find the truth, Virgo, or at least a new truth.

You’re not particularly motivated to follow a diet, you need strength. The Stars won’t give you protection against gluttony, Virgo, so don’t let go too often or you will end up hearing bad news from your scale.

Don’t cry if you’ve been loading your dishes to the top and you eat everything on them.