Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 11

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You might still have feelings for a person from your past. They once seemed to have closed their doors and now is giving you another opportunity with their messages.

Be cautious, Virgo, this person is not being totally explicit with you and there could be some misunderstanding. You shouldn’t risk your relationship if you have a partner because you can end up being alone.

In any case the planets promise an intense sentimental life these days for single Virgos. You will have to think carefully any suggestion you receive, especially because you’re not ready to accept such serious commitments when you’ve been in a short relationship.

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Venus is going to make you stronger, this means that what others might find difficult you will find it easy or you will find a minimum difficulty. This is the attitude that will let you get over all the obstacles you will find on your way.

You thought your bosses would be the ones who would make your working day complicated with their demands, but you will also have to deal with some workmates who tend to disagree with you.

In a job interview, causing a great impression on those in charge of Human Resources won’t be enough. They will also take into account your presence in the social networks. They don’t want their employee’s comments to be a stain on their company’s reputation. Think carefully before posting anything.


You feel relieved after realizing that elders and children in your family don’t have to rely on you every day. You will experience a feeling of freedom that you haven’t felt for a long time.

Keep taking care of your nutrition. Eating fresh organic food and white fish is not enough, you also have to start being more careful with the elaboration of your meals.

Now is the time to give up deep fried food once and for all and start implementing other healthier cooking techniques such as grilling or baking.