Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 12

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No matter how bad your relationship is going, the influence of the planets will help you see things from a different perspective. You feel any argument or difference between us is only making you stronger.

You appreciate very much all the time you’ve been together and let’s not forget how well you understand each other in bed.

Single Virgo, you feel the need to be liked by everyone, but this is really difficult. You are willing to change your style, your clothes or your physique just to please other people.

It would be a terrible mistake if you ended up accepting everything people say.

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There are many occasions when you can’t carry on with your tasks because you don’t know how to do them. However, you spend some time testing and you definitely make an effort. This is also something your bosses will notice and value, they see you are really involved with the company.

You will notice hints of kindness in the actions of some of the workmates with whom you don’t exactly have a great relationship. They know you are a good team worker and your ability to dialogue makes it easy to deal with you. This can help change the relationship you have with them.

Don’t try to find someone to blame for the financial problems you’ve had lately. You spend more than you need and you will have serious problems to make ends meet. Stop now those internet purchases.


You’re committing a serious mistake if you trust your health to a miracle diet. The only thing you will achieve is to be really hungry and to be able to diet for a few days. With time you will also experience the yo-yo effect, you will end up gaining more weight than you initially lost.

Try controlling your calories intake and also monitoring the ones you lose by exercising. Exercising for about one hour should be enough.

Luckily, phone apps and smartwatches will be of great help in your challenge. There’s even the possibility of having a workout planned according to the state of your body by filling in a form with your weight and height. It will be a great way of motivating yourself and fighting to achieve a clear goal.