Virgo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The forecast of the stars for Virgo in the emotional field can be apocalyptic this Saturday, because your sadness and depression not only reappear, but become worse.

However, there is good news. During the day you’ll receive a very important sign that you’ll need to interpret positively, and that will help you to put your problems in perspective and look on the bright side.

Sometimes, Virgo, we can’t change the circumstances that surround us, nor how they reach us, but we can change our point of view towards them.

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The time has come to value your potential more, Virgo, and make your dreams come true with the help of your confidence and possibilities. The current work is limiting your potential, set yourself free once and for all. This Saturday you could put your mind to change your job.

At work, a wide range of opportunities will open up that you may not be aware of. You just need to believe in yourself and go for them, get out of your comfort zone and turn your passion into a profession.

The stars accompany this process with a positive confluence that will bring good luck and work to you.


The most important thing for Virgos this week is that they are evolving in their body care. You’re complementing medical treatments with new therapies to get your health back and achieve the balance of your organism.

It's time to introduce you to new oriental therapies that can enrich your health. Shiatsu is a very useful Japanese therapy to deepen your mind-body connection. A specialist works on the body's energy system by stimulating some points (meridians) to release energy (chi).

Another interesting therapy is Ayurvedic medicine, which comes from India and is based on the belief that the whole universe is regulated by energies. With the help of detox diets, mind release exercises, meditation, herbs and exercise, you can balance your mind and body.