Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 13

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When everything seems lost and you think you have hit bottom, when you have lost the desire and energy to recover, life always lights up and gives you energy to help you get back on your feet once again. That’s what it’s all about…

No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up. Even when feelings and logics don’t go together, focus on the fun and erotic side of life.

Today your sexual life will be dynamic, interesting and full of imagination, passion and fun.

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Today’s main challenge will be to face a sudden change at work. In the worst case it may be a dismissal, but there’s also a possibility of economic losses or threats to job security.  

You may feel like you’re on shaky ground; when this happens you tend to get stressed, nervous and hysteric, which only blocks you from finding solutions to the problem.

You are more than capable of sitting back, studying and reflecting on the right steps to overcome this unpleasant situation. It’s time to show your courage and your maturity. The starts predict a happy ending if you fight and believe that everything will turn out well.


No matter how much you try to evolve physically and mentally, how many alternative therapies and anti-stress treatments you try, nothing will work if you don't manage to smooth things over and find emotional stability through meditation and relaxation.

This day will be full of personal and professional challenges, but if you find the way to steady your nerves and control your breathing to keep calm, you’ll see how little by little you’ll gain more control over your body through the power of your mind.

And that’s it, Virgo, this is the only secret that exists. However, it’s not in the books; you’ll have to start today to know yourself better and develop such techniques.