Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 14

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You’ve proved that you’re willing to sacrifice more than you partner after all the time you’ve been together. You’ve moved to a different city or have even abandoned your close friends.

However, your partner seems to distrust you because of how much you use the social media. They fear you could end up cheating on them, even if this is something that hasn’t even crossed your mind. Make it clear that you’re not going to cheat on your partner, do it with your words but also with your actions.

If you’re single, you will prefer to keep a low profile, waiting until you find what you consider the ideal person. You don’t want to push any situation and that’s why you’re not going to flirt and seduce the first person you see. You’d rather wait for everything to flow naturally.

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Get ready to receive some unexpected money that you will accept with a smile. This money will help you with a bill you had to pay or an expense you hadn’t planned.

You would love to spend money on a whim but you still have to wait some time, your priority now are your day-to-day payments.

As for your job, you find yourself pretty comfortable, but there’s something you don’t like, which is commuting to work. You have to go by bus or by car some kilometres every day and this will affect your work-life balance. You spend less and less time with your family.


You’re at risk of ending up with a cold or a sore throat because you’re not careful enough when exercising or when you spend time outdoors.

You don’t need to spend too much or go somewhere far from home to spend a nice day. That’s why you will delight your family with a gastronomic evening when you will have the chance to show off your cooking abilities.

When you’re feeling sad, laughing and relaxing end up becoming the best medicine. Surround yourself with nice people and you won’t have to worry about anything.